My School Digital Agency provides school management software's that facilitates to digitalize the institutes operations, functions and resources as well as managing parents & students by keeping them informed of day to day updates about their curriculum, conduct and other activities.

My School provides wide range of services including Brand SMS and digital promotion services such as Website Development Digital/Social Media Campaign Management. The brand SMS and promotional services assists Partner schools to add value to their campaigns, information circulations and recruitments etc.

My School MCQs is a noble initiative to enrich and supplement self-learning by providing MCQs exam preparation material of science subjects for 9th class and 10th class students. We (My School MCQs) make it easier and unchallenging for students to prepare for objective type MCQs. Other than MCQs data bank, we provide past papers, on-site practice MCQs and time restraint quizzes which supports students to handle time pressure and prepare for exams more effectively.